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Hank will be doing the following next week...
- Record some stuff with The Color Turning at a nearby studio.
- Record some stuff with Avery Is Noise at Hollywood in the Musician's Institute.
- Continue practicing with Avery Is Noise.
- Hopefully have something new for Circuits!! that Hank really likes (because recently, all his works has been translated into Avery songs, because we need more songs to compile a good album).
- Math homework and English midterm.
- :)
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Without Necessities.

Here's the guitar tablature for the next song I will be working on. I've already composed it. Written lyrics for it, and so on. I simply just have to play it and record it all. If you've got a guitar, feel free to play it and guess for yourself what it may sound like. I usually don't post up the tabs for my songs, but I'm feeling nice today.

- Hank*

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Next To Me

Remember that song I promised entitled "Next To Me"?
I told you it would have a frou frou-ish sound, with female vocals.
Do you remember yet?

I claimed that it would be a nice song.
I said I would finish it in the next week or so (this I wronged).
Now do you remember?

Well, if you do, it's on my myspace.com page, but I haven't uploaded it onto the server yet, so the myspace page is the only way to listen to it, for now.

Next To Me